Sunday, April 3, 2011

Always a Good Time to Say Thanks

This week I am working on a slew of projects, mostly doing touch up work on paintings that were completed over the past month. Seven paintings are finished for my upcoming group of works themed on France and Provence in particular. Those paintings are getting their final touches as we speak, and as soon as I have some of them ready to be viewed, I will post them. What is most important to me is to take the chance to say thank you to the wonderful collectors and art lovers who have made March 2011 one of the most amazing months in my art career. At last count 15 paintings have sold, due in large part of the exposure my work received in the March 2011 issue of Phoenix Home and Garden Magazine . I've had the great good fortune to gain an entirely new group of collectors as a result of my inclusion in this beautiful magazine - and I once again send my thanks to the editors and staff of Phoenix Home and Garden. Some new things that I am working on; when the touch ups on the France paintings are finished, hopefully in the next few days, I will plunge ahead into new Spring and Summer themed Arizona works. This season I am hitting the trails, and walking in those wild, hot, snake infested thorny areas where the greatest paintings come from. I had realized recently that my a combination of my health troubles, which were acute from 2008-early 2010 had actually meant that I was not hiking as much, and therefore not taking photos and getting those original images for new works. Now, thankfully I am in better health, and I have already been out into new areas of Catalina State Park - and I'm planning a couple of new works based on scenes from a very cool part of Arizona that not so many people know - Texas Canyon. Texas canyon is an amazing canyon full of giant, round, tumbledown boulders. A rough and beautiful place. I'm all too excited to get the images onto canvas. Here in Southern Arizona spring is most certainly upon us - the birds are singing and the flowers that have the guts to bloom, despite our lack of rain, are popping out all over the place and coloring our landscape of ochres and sienna and greens. The first Paloverdes are blooming as well, and it will not be long before the land around us will be bathed in that lovely blazing yellow. Any of you folks who are able, be sure to get to Cobalt Fine Arts to see the 3 person show that I am in down there. And be sure to visit the old Tumacacori mission while you are there... back to the studio!

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